Successful ways to advertise your dispensary

Due to the federal ban on cannabis, dispensaries can’t market their businesses similar to other companies in different industries. However, applying vast knowledge and creativity can be essential in successfully marketing your cannabis dispensary. 

To successfully market a cannabis dispensary, you must learn to avoid the regulations preventing the promotion of cannabis products and services like companies in other industries. Dispensary owners have to know that what works for businesses in different sectors won’t work for you; therefore, it’s recommended to plan your marketing strategy first. 

Cannabis dispensaries are not allowed or must be very careful when marketing their businesses through popular ad networks like Google AdWords and Facebook. However, to successfully market your cannabis dispensary, you have to follow some essential steps including:


Cannabis businesses are under strict regulations concerning advertising. Therefore must businesses are trying to overcome this barrier by offering customers an enjoyable experience. Most dispensaries our team visits online seem to ONLY focus on selling their cannabis products on their website. They’ve got to do more than that to have a successful virtual storefront (which is what your website is).

Dispensaries should provide specialized services to customers as a means of marketing. For a really good example and FREE idea, a dispensary can establish a video booth which records short animated videos of each customer, which are later sent as a GIF to the customer’s email address. This strategy is used to get the customer’s email address to entice them to return to the store to talk about their fun experiences. Dispensary owners could establishing a kiosk which requires customers to provide their email address in exchange for coupons and freebies on special events. These are just some ideas…that’s what we do at Green Cloud…rock out ideas!


Cannabis businesses run into many roadblocks on Facebook and Instagram. Tweeting with essential keywords can make your business rank higher on Twitter, and seeing your Twitter profile at the top of search results can increase your customer base. Many dispensaries  make the mistake of only having facebook and instagram. Do Twitter! Even if you have to cuss and scream while doing it! (Better than that…hire us to do it for you, lol).


Google Adwords and Facebook Ads won’t publish advertisements relating to cannabis businesses products. However, cannabis dispensaries can overcome this by using programmatic display ads to a targeted audience through the use of programmatic ad buying. The software works by placing bids on necessary websites to display your ads in suitable locations and optimize the functionality of the ads.  Video is also king here, although a bit more expensive. There are hundreds of credible high quality cannabis websites where you could be advertising and promoting your brand!


Cannabis dispensaries are facing MANY challenges when it comes to marketing their products and services. But as the legalization of recreational cannabis continues to grow and medical cannabis becomes legal in all 50 states (hopefully sooner rather than later), ad networks are set to loosen their strict policies towards cannabis products. Until then get creative and branch out on your marketing strategy or call me and we will do it for ya!

xoxo, Stef @GreenCloudAgency